Parking Lot Paving

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Jordan Wells Paving provides blacktop paving services for clients in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas including Ashland, Amelia, Chester, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, Emporia, Farmville, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Hopewell, Midlothian, Mechanicsville, Richmond, Short Pump and Petersburg. We install large and small parking lots and roads – from start to finish, including grading, pavement marking, installing signage, and adherence to ADA (American Disability Act) protocols.

Why hire us to professionally install your business parking lot?

Jordan Wells has decades of experience in asphalt paving which equates to better overall time management, creative practical design that considers usage and your particular job site, use of high quality materials and high-end equipment, error free installation, and no cost overruns. Showing respect and regard for our clients comes naturally – they provide our livelihood.

Parking Lot Beginnings

Architects of Commercial, Industrial, and Medical facilities take great care in designing impressive buildings, however sometimes their parking lots designs are woefully inadequate and not driver-friendly. Many designers seem to forget that the first and last impression of customers, potential customers, visitors, and employees are viewed from the parking lot – it is the gateway for everyone. An aesthetically pleasing building will be overshadowed by an ill-conceived parking lot that does not move traffic well, such as: parking lanes abruptly ending without a way to turn around, entrance from the busiest side street and hampered by turning vehicles, awkward empty spaces not marked that end up as made-up parking spots, light poles or signs sharing marked parking space, and confusing pavement markings. We have all driven in such parking lots and then tend to avoid them in the future. Consultations with successful and experienced asphalt pavers will help turn the theoretically designed parking lot into a practical, positive experience that will help motorists find unoccupied parking spaces, retrieve their vehicles and exit swiftly.


Parking lots are a large landscape of flat pavement that naturally shed a lot of water which must be guided away from the pavement to prevent ponding and other issues. It is important to send the water to proper drainage rather than letting it gather under the subgrade soil of the parking lot or flooding neighboring stores or homes. Drainage problems are a major cause of premature parking lot failures. This is especially true when sprinkler systems are located in parking lot islands and medians without drainage designed for the overflow.


There are several items that need consideration to determine Parking Lot Design and Construction Cost:

  1. Permits:  Your parking lot must be designed in compliance with all local, state, and federal codes before construction can even begin.  All necessary permits and approvals must be secured. This is where an experienced commercial asphalt paving company will be able to help.
  2. Special Usage Considerations: such as a drive through for truck deliveries or extra speed bumps for a school.
  3. Excavation and Site Preparation: Land clearing and tree removal. Soil conditions and drainage issues will have to be addressed. Low-quality soil can be improved by adding stable granular products, such as lime, crushed rock, recycled asphalt, and crushed shells. All vegetation and debris should be removed and the area treated with a vegetation retardant.
  4. Layout and Design: This step should not only consider number of parking spots but safety of pedestrians and drivers, and functionality for unimpeded deliveries by trucks.
  5. Sign Installation: Signs to control the flow of traffic, such as stop signs, yield signs, pedestrian crossing, online order pickup spots and more.
  6. Safety and Security: Such as lighting, surveillance camera installation, and perhaps barrier gates.
  7. Beautification: Curbing and landscaping, planting shrubs in islands and/or using parking bumpers.
  8. Striping, Painting and Marking: Adding any safety and accessibility guides such as fire lanes, handicapped accessible spaces, loading zones, and crosswalks.

When you call Jordan Wells Paving for a complimentary on-site estimate, we will quickly respond and schedule, at your convenience, a time to look at the property.  Once there, we will listen to your needs and discuss any special considerations for your commercial lot.  After evaluating all information gathered, we will quickly draw up a written proposal, and at your preference email it or deliver it in person.

Paving cost estimates or bids:

Our estimates will consider clients’ needs, desires, cost, longevity and appearance. We will give you the tools to decide the most cost effect and appropriate installation that will provide years of trouble free service for your property, and enhance its value.
Jordan Wells Paving offers free inspections and drainage evaluations. Our managers are state certified.
Visit the individual pages for more information about the services that we offer. Don’t see what you need? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about what we can do for you!

Industrial Complex Applications:

Apartments, medical clinics, schools and universities, condos, HOA communities and industrial parks will require the services of an asphalt company either to install or repair their asphalt parking lots, and recruiting someone experienced will help the project progress rapidly without errors. Our top-rated paving company designs and installs roads, paths, walkways and parking lots. We offer valuable advice – learned over 3 generations – hopefully saving you from ill-advised guidance (offered up by those that believe they know the paving business). You will never be held up by us for costly mistakes that less experienced pavers make. Plus, we perform maintenance at regular intervals on our fleet of industrial specialized paving machines and trucks so no worries over rental equipment failings to push back your schedule.

Correctly done, asphalt pavement plays a functional role that is critical to the safety and overall impression of users – whether you’re building a road, a parking lot or a driveway. Potholes, cracks or poor grading creates an unwelcome, and possibly unsafe, experience for customers, guests, residents and other users.

Paving Services We Provide

First Impressions Matter

Asphalt Paving Boosts Curb Appeal

First impressions of a customer or client cautiously traversing a muddy gravel based parking lot is hard to counter even when a pleasant interior for shopping or service awaits. Seniors will definitely pass by such a business rather than take the substantial risk to weave through a broken parking lot. Many clients will pass by your business without dedicated parking instead of finding parking along the street- many just don’t want the trouble of a search or they don’t like to parallel park.

Parking Lot Design

Get a Parking Lot That Works for You

We can build a new parking lot or resurface an ailing parking lot into a robust, long lasting and attractive parking lot that will inspire consumers to patronize your business. Sidewalks and pathways can also be designed and built to help drive and encourage foot traffic to your door.

We provide the ADA required markings to keep customers, visitors and employees safe and to maximize your parking spaces.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

Resurfacing, Mill and Overlay

Overlaying or Resurfacing is less expensive than fully reconstructing a paved surface, and typically takes less time, making it a great option when considering major asphalt repairs. This is more appealing for a large parking lot as it is less costly to resurface a large area then to replace it. The badly damaged areas can be dug up and the subbase inspected and repaired before the pavement is laid. When the pavement has cooled, markings or striping can be reapplied.