Tar And Chip Paving

Tar and Chip

Also called chip sealing, tar & chip is an economical alternative to asphalt. It offers a more solid surface than loose gravel. Tar and chip is also known as: chip and seal, chip seal, macadam, or liquid asphalt and stone. It is a process of laying hot asphalt (usually 1/4 inch of asphalt) on a gravel base then crushed rock (small pieces of angular, washed gravel) is immediately compacted into the hot asphalt. It can be used for roads, parking lots, and driveways.

Tar and Chip Roads

Before 1935 Tar and Chip paving was used for almost every highway in the country (blacktop technology was just starting) and slowly was replaced by blacktop which does provide a smoother ride. Although, in some areas Tar and Chip pavement is making a comeback as an affordable resurfacing solution in some cash strapped communities. Private and Rural roads are often long and infrequently used which merits a less expensive yet durable method of paving. When a Tar and Chip road is relativity new, there will be some loose rock on top for a little while until it wears in.

Tar and Chip Parking Lots

Grading and gavel base preparations for Tar and Chip Parking Lots are the same only the top course is different with Tar and Chip being more of a rough surface. Tar and Chip parking lots carry a few positives over asphalt such as:

  1. Small cracks can repair themselves when the tar heats up in warm weather it will resettle in the cracks and stones will again cover the surface.
  2. Lower Cost than asphalt or cement and just slightly more expensive than gravel.
  3. Does not have to be sealed regularly so really very little maintenance is required except taking care of any weeds that may have found a parking spot.
  4.  The rough surface of the pavement provides improved traction for foot and vehicle traffic.
  5. Durable; it will typically last 10 years before it will need resurfacing.

However, for snow removal during winter months the plowers will have to raise their shovels just above the pavement so the surface isn’t damaged.

Tar and Chip Appeal for Homeowners

Some homeowners don’t like the image of a large blot of blacktop – they consider it distracting from the more pleasant view of landscaping so they will opt for a Tar and Chip drive. The crushed stone/gravel is available in light and dark shades of brown, grays, red and pale greens as well as the standard grey rock normally used. Tar and Chip driveways impart an elegant look to large areas and long driveways because they blend in with natural surroundings, becoming part of the picture rather than the focal point. Depending how well it’s done, meaning water shedding, it could last a decade before severe maintenance issues arise requiring reapplication. Tar and Chip can even be installed over an old driveway; however, the driveway must be inspected by Jordan Wells Paving because Tar and chip is considered a surface layer not a support base. Call 804-823-7644 for a free consultation.

The secrets of a long-lasting driveway

The source of trouble with roads, parking lots and driveways is water erosion. The grading for any pavement must provide enough slope that water runs away from the pavement, not towards it or under it. The underlying base should have crushed stone with jagged surfaces so they compact and lock together in a tough settle-resistant substructure providing strength and water drainage. Property owners can help provide positive drainage by planting thirstier plants at the driveway’s edge or grasses – not shrubs or trees as their roots could invade the driveway. 

Paving cost estimates or bids:

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